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EnterWorks EPX Administration

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EnterWorks EPX Administration
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This guide is intended for system administrators tasked to create and manage EnterWorks Exchange Process (EPX) user accounts. It details the functions that are necessary in managing your EPX installation, and all these functions are found in the Design Console.

This guide assumes familiarity with HTML, Java, and JavaScript. System administrators should also have a basic understanding of EPX process flows.

The EPX system is configured for each organization’s product requirements so not all functionality is applicable for every organization. If a function described in this document is desired but not available, contact the Systems Administrator.

This guide contains the following sections:

  • Introduction: gives a general overview of the EPX user interface.

  • EPX Technical Architecture: gives an overview of the major components of EPX and the communication pathways and protocols used.

  • Managing Users, Groups and Work Items: explains basic user and group management.

  • Security: covers creating and maintaining security for users and groups.

  • Server and Client Administration and Configuration: describes the configuration parameters for EPX that you can set through the user interface or through configuration files. This chapter also covers basic backup and recovery procedures for the EPX Server.

  • Import/Export Utility: describes how to use the Migration Tool to distribute process flows and process flow components, including participants and roles, from one EPX server to another.

  • Work Item Transfer Utility: describes how to use the Work Item Transfer Utility to distribute work items from one process flow or subflow to another.

  • Glossary: details relevant terms.