Re-assigning Work Items to a User’s Inbox - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

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An EPX administrator has the capability to re-assign work items from one user’s Inbox to another. This feature can be used in instances where a user is not available to process the work items in their Inbox. Work items can only be moved from one Inbox to another Inbox.

Moving the work items can be accomplished by performing a cut-and-paste operation:

  1. In the Inbox editor of the user to whom the work items were originally assigned, select the work items to be moved. Then, right-click one of the work items, and then click Cut in the shortcut menu.

  1. Open the Inbox editor of the user to whom you want to re-assign the work items.

  2. In the Inbox editor, right-click in the work item versions table, and then click Paste in the shortcut menu. The work items are re-assigned to the designated user’s Inbox.

Note: You must be assigned specific access privileges to re-assign work items. These include read and write access control. If you re-assign a work item to a user who is not a valid actor for that activity, the re-assignment will fail.

Important: When you re-assign work items, the new user will not receive e-mail notification, so it is recommended that you notify them of the new work items directly.