Viewing a User’s Inbox, Sentbox, Draftbox, and Work Items - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

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The Work Item Version editor allows you to manage a user’s work items. To view a user’s Work Item Version editor, you must first open their Inbox:

  1. In the Navigator pane, expand the user’s entry under the Users folder, right-click the user’s Inbox (or Sentbox or Draftbox), and then click Open in the shortcut menu.

  1. The user’s Inbox editor displays the following information about each work item:

  • Name

  • Sender (Inbox only)

  • Recipient (Sentbox only)

  • Date

  • Priority (Inbox and Sentbox only)

  • Activity

  • Process Flow

  1. Double-click a work item to view the Work Item Version editor, which contains the following tabs:

Use this tab... To do this...
General tab View the name and description of the work item
Attributes View the various attributes (e.g., server name, creation date, etc.) of the work item
Properties View and modify the hash table key/value pairs of the selected work item. Any modifications to the work item hash table must be correlated with the work item viewer to allow for successful completion of the work item.
Attachments View a read-only list of files that are attached to the work item
Error View a list of errors that the work item may have attached
  1. Click on any tab to view the information they contain.

  2. On the Errors tab, you can select an error in the list to view its details, which appear in the lower portion of the tab. Click Clear Errors to remove the errors from the work item.

  3. When you have finished viewing or modifying work item information, click OK. You can access a user’s Sentbox and Draftbox using the same steps.