Starting Design Console - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

EnterWorks EPX Administration

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EnterWorks EPX Administration
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Before starting Design Console, make sure that the services for the EPX Application Server and the BIC Manager (or Managers) are running.

Please refer to the Installation guide for information on starting these services, or contact your system administrator.

  1. Start and log into Design Console:

    • From the Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 desktop, click the Start button and select: Programs > Enterworks Process Exchange 3.1> EPX_instance > Design Console.

    • Alternatively, in Windows Explorer select: C:\Enterworks\EPX31\bin\DesignConsole.exe

Note: This directory path reflects the default installations for EPX on each platform. If EPX was installed to an alternate directory, launch EPX from the alternate path accordingly.

  1. Log into the EPX server by clicking on the expand button [+] next to the server name, in the Navigator pane. The Login prompt is displayed. The Login prompt will also be displayed if you double-click the EPX server name, or right-click on the name and click Login in the shortcut menu.

  2. Type your EPX administrator user name (the default administrator user name is “system”). Only users who are members of the Administration group will be able to perform all of the administrative functions.

  3. Type your administrator password and click OK.

Important: Any user imported from an earlier version of EPX (e.g., EPX 2.5.2) must use the imported user name as password to log in to the Design Console.