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EnterWorks Publication Module User Guide
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  1. Once a Publication Template is created, the content can be mapped using the hierarchy tied to the template. Start by selecting a template from the Publication Templates listing.

  1. Select Edit Mappings from the Action drop down menu or double-click on the desired template.

  1. The Publication Template Mapping Editor window will open with a list of the hierarchy nodes on the left side.

  1. Choose a Hierarchical node to edit its mappings.

  1. If there is nothing currently mapped to this node, click Create New.

NOTE: When a publication is being generated, the root mapping (if defined) will be used if a particular node does not have one mapped.

  1. Choose a Style Map to use to assign content to from the drop down menu.

  1. Start mapping by either typing the Mapping Formula in the Mapping field or clicking the Select button to the far right of a publication element. The Select button will help guide the user to pull the corresponding content.

  1. Clicking the Select button opens an Attribute Formula Builder.

  1. Select the Repository where the desired attribute resides.

  2. Select an attribute from the list below the repository.

Tip: Attributes can be filtered using the filter field below the attribute list.

  1. If an attribute is chosen from the left, it will be moved into the Attribute Formula area on the right. This field is a powerful tool to manipulate the content of the output. The example below shows two attributes combined (one contained within parenthesis).

Note: See http://velocity.apache.org/engine/devel/user-guide.html for more information on using the Velocity Template Language to manipulate the data in the Attribute Formula Builder.

  1. To preview the output of the Attribute Formula, select the Preview button at the top of the window. Enter test data in the value fields and render the text by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the preview window.

  1. When finished, click back to the Builder tab and select the OK button at the bottom of the window.

  2. Back at the Publication Template Mapping Editor, the new Mapping Formula can be viewed. Display Name can be filled in, but is only relevant for the Table Elements since it outputs a name/value pair.

  1. If one or more Mapping Formulas were mapped to the wrong elements and need to be moved, the Toggle Sort capability can be used. Click the Toggle Sort button and select the mappings to move using the checkboxes that appear on the left. Then click the up or down arrows to the right of the Toggle Sort button to move the selected items.

  1. A user can also toggle one mapping at a time with the arrows to the right of the Select button next to each element. The arrow buttons appear when the cursor hovers over the select button. The following images show the Product mapping from the Product_Name up to the Product Name 2.

  1. Continue to map publication elements and click the Save button at the top when finished. The hierarchy node to the left, where the mapping was applied, now shows up as a yellow folder.

  1. If another Hierarchy node has the same or similar mappings, the user can copy mappings from one node to another. Start by clicking the Copy button in the finished node.

  1. Open the new to Hierarchy node to paste the mappings into. Note: when moving from one node to another, a message will ask the user to save changes on current node.

  1. Click the Paste button to add copied mappings to new node.

  1. Make any needed changes and click the Save button.

  2. In order to quickly view the Hierarchy nodes that already have mappings applied, check the Only Show Nodes that Have Mappings Defined box in the bottom left corner of the window.

  1. When finished with the Publication Template Mapping Editor, select the Return button.