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A Style Map is used to define the publishing elements and data structure for a targeted template. Once created a Style Map provides tools to create, edit, and manage mappings to the publishing elements. Perform the followings steps within the EnterWorks UI to create a new Style Map. The following diagram is an example of how the elements defined in the Style map relate to a publication.

  1. To create a new Style Map, select the Publication feature in the left hand feature bar and click on the Publication Style Maps option.

  1. The currently defined Style Maps organized under the Style Map Groups are shown on the right.

  1. To create a new Style Map, select New option from the Action drop-down menu.

  1. Enter a Style Map Name (required) and Description (optional).

  1. Start adding publication elements by selecting the button in the bottom left-hand corner of the window and the following Add Record window will open.

  1. Click in the Element Type field to select the type of element you are defining.

Note: See Appendix A for additional information on Style Map Element Types.

  1. Enter an Element Name, Icon Max Count (optional), and Element Description (optional). The Remove from Output checkbox is currently an unused feature.

  1. Click the Submit button.

  2. Continue to add element records until all the necessary elements needed for a publication are defined.

  3. Close the window with the x in the top right corner of the window when finished defining elements and the defined elements will show in the Edit Style Map (New) window.

  1. Click the Save button when finished.