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EnterWorks Publication Module User Guide

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EnterWorks Publication Module User Guide
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  1. In the Publication Manager feature, select a publication and click the Manage Publication Hierarchy button.

  1. A Hierarchy Manager window will open. The right side of the window is the publication hierarchy in PIM with all the available content. The left side is the hierarchy that will determine how the output file will be organized.

  1. Folders and products can be dragged from the right to the left side of the window. Start by expanding hierarchy folders to find available products for the publication. Click the plus signs next to each folder to expand.

  1. Once the desired products are found, make sure to create a hierarchy folder structure on the left side of the window. The user can either drag and drop the entire folder over and delete products as needed or manually create the folder structure. For example, the PENS structure was created on the left by dragging the entire PENS folder from the right and dropping it onto of the publication icon .

  1. To remove a folder from the left side right click any green folder and select Delete Category.

  1. A pop-up will indicate that all sub-sections will be deleted under this folder.

  1. The folder has now been removed. Products can be deleted from the hierarchy in the same way.

  1. Folders and products can be reordered using a drag and drop method. Grab a folder or product and try dragging it up or down in the hierarchy on the left side. A product is moved to another folder below.

  1. A product’s position within a list of products under a folder can be adjusted in the same way.

  2. Information about a product will appear to the right if the user selects a product. For example, Mini Crimped Cup Brushes was selected on the left and summary information appears on the right.

  1. There are two tabs in the product information area, Summary and Items. The Summary Tab contains basic product information (images and attributes). The Item Tab gives a list all items linked to the selected product. Open the Item Tab.

  1. Items can be re-sequenced within this tab through the drag and drop method. Grab any item and move it to a new position.

  2. Items can be excluded from the publication by removing the check next to the record.

  1. When finished, click on any green folder to return to the PIM view of all the hierarchy folders and products.

  2. A new category/sub-category folder can be added manually. Right click the or a green folder and select Add Category to add a new folder level below it.

  1. Add a name (required) and description (optional) for the new category folder in the Manage Section window.

  1. The new folder has been created. Sub-sections and products can now be added to this folder.

  1. Any green folder can be renamed on the on the left side of the window. Right click a folder and select Rename Category.

  1. Change the name in the Manage Section window.

  1. The folder name has now been changed.

  1. Click the Return button when the Publication Hierarchy is built/edited.

  1. Click the Save button to save any changes made to publication.