Configure Simple Rules for DPAs - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.5

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To set Simple rules for a DPA:

  1. In the Rule Properties dialog, select the Simple option.
  2. Select the appropriate data type in the Value Type list.
    • For datetime data type, the dates should be in four-digit year format. Use the datetime format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm.
    • Other recognized data types are number and string.
    • Boolean data type only supports the case-insensitive strings 'True' and 'False' values.
  3. In the Field Name box, type the name of the work item field. For example, type biographicaldata.age to specify the age field.
  4. In the Operator box, select the comparison operator. The list of operators will be based on the data type selected.
  5. In the Value box, type the value of the work item field. For example, type 'young'.
    The value entered must be a literal of the appropriate value type. To compare two fields, the simple rule can be used by having the property referenced in the Value field to be enclosed within '%'.
  6. Click an activity in the Available box and click to move the activity to the Selected box. The DPA is now configured to send the work item to this activity.
    To move all activities from the Available box to the Selected box, click .

    To move all activities from the Selected box to the Available box, click .

  7. Click Validate to verify that your rules contain no errors. Any errors display in the Error Messages box.
  8. To save the rule, click OK.