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The Decision Point Activity provides the ability for work items to take different paths in the work item and to possibly split the work item to follow parallel paths. The activity must be configured to have at least one condition with a destination for each. Each condition can check the value of properties in the work item. Each condition can have one or more destinations specified. If multiple destinations are specified, the work item will be split. If more than defined one condition is met, the work item will also be split and sent to the corresponding destination for each matching condition.

A Decision Point Activity, or DPA, intelligently routes work items through a process flow based on both the rules you configure and the information in a work item.

Before creating a DPA, you need to know:

  • What actions you want the DPA to take.

    Base the DPA rules on variables in your work items. For example, a DPA might determine which activity to send a biographical data work item to, based on whether an age variable in the work item matches a value specified in one of the DPA's rules.

  • What work item properties are available for the DPA in the process flow or subflow.

    The DPA can retrieve the properties within a work item and examine its Stored Procedure execution.