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Use the XML option to import the XSL file as an XML file. The XSL File field is enabled when you select the XML option.

The XSL file allows the transformation of the specified XML file before it is imported to the work item properties. Type a path and file name for the XSL file or click Browse and a File Open dialog box, which allows you to select the file and path for the XSL file.

Note: When the BIC is used in a clustered environment, make sure that the folders and/or files that will be indicated are existing in and pointing to where the BIC Manager server is installed.

Use XPath

Click the Use XPath checkbox to locate specific portions of an XML document and to import a subset of the XML document based on the search results. To import an XML formatted file using the XPath, you must specify the XPath expressions and Work Item Keys in the Import Items box.

Below is an example of an XML document in which only the specific subset BIO will be imported using XPath:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
<!DOCTYPE WorkItem [ 
<!ELEMENT WorkItem (SYSTEM_ID,BIO,MyXMLVersion)*> 
<!ATTLIST WorkItem processVersion CDATA #REQUIRED> 
<WorkItem processVersion="3.1"> 
<SALARY>above average</SALARY> 

Below is an example of an XML import configuration at the Properties tab:

The table below shows the resulting work item properties that were created as a result of using XPath to import the specific subset BIO:

Key Value 
bio_BIO_AGE young 
bio_BIO_INTEREST lawn care 
bio_BIO_SALARY above average 
importexport_error 0

Decode Carriage Return/Line Feed Option

The Decode CRLF encoded as: option enables the text box in which you can enter the symbols or characters to be decoded as carriage return/line feed.

Import Items

The Import Items box displays the XML Tag and Work Item Key columns. The contents of the Import Items box depends on the format from which information is imported.

Note: If you do not select or specify items to import, all work item property keys and values will be written to the work item. The resulting hash table will reflect the nesting structure of the imported XML file.

The XML Tag column allows you to enter the names of the XML tags for the values you want to import. The XML tag names must be valid. You can create an XML file using nested elements. Use the dot notation to create a nested structure. To add a data, click Add to enable text cells and type the Import XML Tag and Work Item Key values. Click Remove to delete text cells.

The Work Item Key column allows you to enter the names of the work item property table keys that you want to import.

Note: After you have completed the Import or Export tab, you can click OK to exit the Work Item Import/Export editor and continue adding activities to your process flow.