Fixed - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.5

EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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Selecting the Fixed option enables the Include keys in export checkbox.

Include Keys in Export

The Include keys in export checkbox is available only when you select Fixed as export format. The Clicking this checkbox includes hash table keys in the delimited file exported from EPX.

Note: The Include system properties in export checkbox is disabled when you select other export formats because only the Fixed option allows items with Export File Key, Value, and Starting Column to be exported. If you want to export the system properties, enter the appropriate values in the text cells provided for the Export Items.

Encode Carriage Return/Line Feed Option

Clicking the Encode CRLF as: option enables the text box to get the symbols or characters to be encoded as carriage return/line feed.

Export Items

The Export Items box changes based on the format to which information is exported. When you select Fixed format, the following columns appear:

  • Export File Key – Enter the names of work item properties you want to export. You can enter EPX System keys and constants.
  • Value – enter the names of the work item property table keys that you want to export. You can also type constants and EPX work item attributes. You must enclose the key names in the % character, for example,

Fixed format does not accept wildcards as export item values.

  • Starting Column – enter the numeric value for the position that the exported value's first character will occupy in the export file. The starting column must be specified for each file key.

Click Add to enable text cells. Click Remove to delete text cells.