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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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The Settings tab contains the Host, Port, User ID, Password, Command, Result Set, and Timeout fields.

  1. In the Host field, type the hostname of the remote system that this Telnet BIC activity should connect to.
  2. In the rather unlikely chance that the remote host uses a port other than 23 for Telnet connectivity, delete the default port number and type the correct number in the Port field.
  3. In the User ID field, type a valid username for logging in to the remote system and then type the corresponding password in the Password field.
  4. In the Command field, type the command or commands that this Telnet BIC activity should execute on the remote system. To execute multiple commands, separate the commands with semicolons (;).
  5. In the Result Set field, type the fully qualified name of the hash table key for the Telnet BIC activity's result set. For example:

    The result set is a string that stores the output of the Telnet session. You would see this same output on-screen if you were manually interacting with the Telnet session. The result set name and its output string are a key/value pair. The result set string can be viewed by adding its key to a work item viewer.

    Note: Result set names should not include spaces, or characters other than A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the underscore character (_).

    The exit codes from the semicolon-delimited commands are not written to the result set. The same is true for stdout (standard output) and stderr (standard error).

  6. If needed, in the Timeout field, type the number of seconds that should be allowed for Telnet commands to complete. If you leave this field blank or enter a zero, then Telnet commands will not time out.