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The Purge Completed Workitems BIC provides the means for a workflow to remove the completed work items after a designated period of time. Without building this purge into the workflow or requiring an administrator to periodically purge completed work items from EPX, the growth of the completed work items will eventually have a significant negative impact on workflow performance. It is strongly recommended that each workflow include the Purge Completed Workitems BIC activity. If the volume of work items is low (e.g., no more than one per hour or one per day), the purge operation can be placed in-line within the main flow. For higher work item volumes, the Purge activity should be connected to a Scheduler BIC starting point that is configured to run no more frequent than once per hour. The purge operation is a resource-intensive operation so it should not be run more frequently than prescribed above.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab is used to specify the completed work items to be included in the Purge Completed Work Items activity as well as the login information of the user authorized to perform the purge.

  1. The Purge Completed Work Items BIC deletes all work items completed within the time range that you specify in Completed Expiration Time. The time range can be specified in Days, Hours, or Minutes.
    Note: You can set all Completed Expiration Time values to zero, this prompts the Purge Completed Work Items BIC to delete all completed work items in the database when the activity is run.
  2. Specify the login information of the user authorized to perform the purge activity in the Purge username and Purge user password fields.
Note: Both Purge username and Purge user password are required. Only the "system" user has the privileged access to use the Purge Completed Work Items BIC.