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The Details tab allows the user to set the following options:

  • Work Item Priority – Specify which work item will be prioritized by selecting a work item from the Work Item Priority dropdown list. The new priority takes effect when a work item arrives at the Command Line BIC activity. The priority you select overrides any previously established priorities for work items. For an explanation of work item priorities and the available options, see the Process Modeling guide.
  • Send work item on error – When the BIC encounters an error with a work item, you can have the BIC activity forward the work item to the next activity in the flow by enabling this option. Click the Send work item on error checkbox to enable this option.
Note: This option is typically used during the creation of a new process flow and allows users to test all activities in the flow for errors. If the option is not selected and an error occurs with the BIC, the work item will remain in the BIC's Inbox. To test a BIC activity using the Send work item on error option, you can use the Generic work items viewer for the activity following the BIC, at least until the BIC activity is functioning successfully. The Generic work item viewer allows you to view any error messages generated at the BIC activity. When the process flow is ready for actual use, deselect this option.
  • BIC Manager – By default, the system determines which BIC Manager executes the BIC activity. You can override this by selecting a BIC Manager from the BIC Manager dropdown list.
  • Persist Properties – The default persist properties setting for all activities in process flows running in the local iteration of EPX's Application Server is controlled on the Server editor's Details tab. To change the persist properties settings for the Command Line BIC activity, select a setting from the Persist Properties dropdown list. The settings are the following:
    • Default – Select this setting to enable the default persist properties setting for the local iteration of EPX Application Server.
    • No – Select this setting to turn off the persist properties function.
    • Yes – Select this setting to always persist properties.

To track changes to a work item as it passes from one actor to the next in a process flow, the properties of a work item version can be recorded or persisted in an actor's Sentbox.

  • Delayed Send – Users can specify if the work item is not to be sent to the next activity immediately by clicking the Delayed Send checkbox. When you enable the Delayed Send option, you must specify the following:
    • Work Item Key – The key you will use to get the actual send date and/or time during runtime. In this example, type in "DelayedSend.Date" wherein DelayedSend is the work item type you created and Date is the string field in the work item type. You can also use the custom code in a class specified in the Send Action Class field on the Custom Action tab to set the delayed send time.
    • Date Format – The default format is MM dd yyyy HH:mm. Select a date format from the Date Format dropdown list or enter values in the combo box.
    • Format Test – This field displays the current date and/or time formatted using the format selected in the Date Format field. Each time a new format is selected, this value is updated to reflect the newly selected format. Refer to the Appendix" on page 16 for the available date formats and time zones.

To save the data entered and proceed to another tab, click Apply. Clicking OK will also save the data entered and exit the Command Line BIC editor. To cancel saving the data entered, click Cancel.

Note: The Starting Point checkbox and Default Work Item Name field are disabled because the Command Line BIC cannot be set as a starting point.