SQL Update Repository Records BIC - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.5

EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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Updates one or more repository records identified by the ID in the first column of each result row from the designated query. If the ID is null, a new record will be created using the specified data (that may or may not be derived from the query results).


  • sqlQuery - SQL Query identifying the records to be updated. The first column must be the InternalRecordId of each record to be updated or null if a new record is to be created. additional columns may be returned and referenced in the name/value pairs by surrounding the column names with double-pipe characters (e.g., ||myResultColumn||). NOTE: To use percent signs in the actual SQL query (e.g., wildcard in LIKE statement), precede each with a backslash character. For example: WHERE myColumn LIKE '\\%something\\%'. If referencing a work item property and the value may contain single quotes, surround the property reference with curly braces to ensure any single quotes are escaped. For example: WHERE myColumn LIKE '{%myProperty%}'. The curly braces must be inside the single quotes AND the property value cannot have any curly braces itself.
  • repositoryName - Name of repository in in which the records are to be updated/created.
  • enableTrigger - Activate trigger on target repository if true
  • validateRecord - Validate the record after the update if true (default)
  • attrNameX - Name of attribute to be updated.",
  • attrValueX - Value for attribute to be updated. This can reference work item property names (surrounded by '%'), query result column names (surrounded by '||'), literal values, or any combination.


  • ID - Delimited list of IDs of records that were created or updated ('0' means error)
  • updateStatus - Results of update operation (SUCCESS or FAIL)
  • updateMessage - Detailed error message if updateStatus is FAIL
  • sqlNumRows - Number of rows returned by the SQL query
  • updateNumRows - Number of repository records updated
  • createNumRows - Number of repository records created