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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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Creates a saved set based on the InternalRecordIds returned from the designated SQL query.


  • sql_query - Defines the SQL query to execute against the Enable database that returns a single column - the InternalRecordId of each record to be added to the saved set. Work item properties can be referenced by surrounding them with percent signs. NOTE: To use percent signs in the actual SQL query (e.g., wildcard in LIKE statement), precede each with a backslash character. For example: WHERE myColumn LIKE '\\%something\\%'. If referencing a work item property and the value may contain single quotes, surround the property reference with curly braces to ensure any single quotes are escaped. For example: WHERE myColumn LIKE '{%myProperty%}'. The curly braces must be inside the single quotes AND the property value cannot have any curly braces itself.
  • repositoryName - Name of the repository in which the Saved Set is to be defined. The InternalRecordId values must reside in this repository.
  • savedSetName - Name of the saved set to be created. This needs to be unique or already defined in the designated repository. If the saved set name is defined in a different repository, this operation will fail with an error.
  • deleteSavedSet - Delete the saved set if it already exists if Yes. If no, the records found will be added to the existing saved set.
  • createTemporarySavedSet - Flags the saved set as temporary (which means it won't be visible in the UI) if YES.


  • isCreated – The saved set was successfully created if true;
  • errorMsg - Details for failure if saved set was not created
  • sql_num_rows - Number of rows returned by the SQL query
  • savedSetId – ID of the saved set.