Lock Workflow BIC - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.5

EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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Acquires a lock to ensure only one work item continues in the workflow at a time. Must be followed by an Unlock Workflow activity that specifies the same lock name. This activity can be configured to wait for the lock or return immediately. In either case, the designated output property indicates whether the lock was successfully acquired. Waiting for a lock should only be done when each work item contains work that must continue in the workflow. In cases where the work item is being generated by scheduled (e.g., in cases where the work item is going to check for work and terminate if there isn't any), the work item should NOT wait for the lock but instead check whether the lock was acquired after this activity and terminate if it was not.


  • lockName - Name of the lock. This is a global name across Enable, meaning for example, if a Scheduled Export job as set the lock 'MyLock' will cause work items to wait for that lock to be cleared if this is set to 'MyLock' as well.
  • lockAction - Specify whether to wait for an exclusive Lock or attach to a Group lock. An exclusive lock means if another process has the same lock, the lock will not be acquired. If a group lock, the work item will be attached to the same lock.
  • waitForLock - Specify if wait for lock and return success status or return immediately with success/fail status
  • timeoutPeriodSql - If in wait for lock mode and timeout period (in minutes) expires for sql query, force the lock
  • lockRetryInterval - specify the retry interval if in wait for lock mode and the action acquireLock failed
  • workItemId - ID of the work item to be locked


  • lockActionStatus - Results of lockAction (SUCCESS or FAIL)
  • errorMessages - Detailed error message if lockAction is FAIL