Amazon S3 BIC - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.5

EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)
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Transfers one or more files between Amazon S3 and a local directory. Files can be uploaded to or downloaded from Amazon S3. Wildcards can be specified in the file name to find files matching a pattern. Multiple files can be transferred (up to a specified maximum), providing the files match the specified wildcard pattern. A delay can be specified after each file transfer to give the target system a chance to process the file. For example, if this callout is being used to download files directly into the Enable DAMDrop folder, having a delay between files will give Enable time to process each file and upload it to S3 to avoid needing a large amount of file storage space if there are a large number of files needing to be transferred.


  • fileTransferDirection - Drection of file transfer.",
  • awsEndpoint – Amazon S3 Endpoint name. Not set if blank (default). Use configuration
  •  repository property named AWS.S3.Endpoint if set to 'Use Config'
  • awsRegionName – Amazon S3 Region Name. Not set if blank (default). Required if awsEndpoint specified. Use configuration repository property named AWS.S3.Region if set to 'Use Config'
  • awsBucketName - Amazon S3 Bucket Name.
  • cannedAccessControlList - Specifies the Canned Access Control List. Used default if blank
  • sourceDirectoryName - Name of directory in Amazon S3 Bucket (download) or local file system (upload) containing file(s) to be transferred.
  • sourceFileName - Name of file in Amazon S3 (download) or local file system (upload) to be transferred. If the name includes one or more wildcard characters ('*'), the first maxFilesToTransfer matching file(s) found will be retrieved.
  • targetDirectoryName - Target directory in local file system (download) or Amazon S3 (upload) where files are to be transferred.
  • maxFilesToTransfer - Maximum number of files to transfer if the source file name has a wildcard. 'All' will transfer all matching files (up to 1000).
  • fileTransferDelay - Number of milliseconds to delay after transferring each file. This can be used to meter downloads of large numbers of files destined for the DAMDrop folder to give Enable DAM time to process the files to avoid a significant surge in file storage needed.
  • deleteFileAfterTransfer - Deletes the file from the source after successful transfer to the target if true.
  • isRoleBasedAuth - Use Role-based authentication if true, otherwise use secret key
  • awsAccessKey - AWS Access key if isRoleBasedAuth is false
  • awsSecretKey - AWS Secret key if isRoleBasedAuth is false


  • transferStatus - Results of AWS transfer operation (SUCCESS or FAIL)
  • filesFound - Number of files found for transfer
  • filesTransferred - Number of files successfully transferred
  • errorMessage - Detailed error message if transferStatus is FAIL

The following screenshot is an example of the Amazon S3 BIC configured to upload files to S3: