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EnterWorks Process Exchange (EPX)

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The following example is the entirety of the code for the Send Email Callout BIC.

package com.enterworks.services.calloutbic;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import com.enterworks.apps.agents.bic.Work;
import com.enterworks.services.common.EmailUtil;
public class SendEmail extends BaseCalloutBic implements CustomCalloutBic {
private static final String EMAIL_ATTACHMENT = "email_attachment";
private static final String EMAIL_BODY = "email_body";
private static final String EMAIL_SEND_MESSAGE = "email_send_message";
private static final String EMAIL_SEND_STATUS = "email_send_status";
private static final String EMAIL_SUBJECT = "email_subject";
private static final String EMAIL_FROM = "email_from";
private static final String EMAIL_TO = "email_to";
private static final String EMAIL_CC = "email_cc";
private static final String CHANNEL_SEND_EMAIL_BIC = "Send Email BIC";
public String getDescription() {
return "Send an e-mail message to one or more recipients, identified by any combination of
   " +
 "e-mail addresses, Enable user logins, or Enable Groups. The e-mail is queued for " + 
 "processing based on the Email Manager settings.";
public void setInputParameters() {
this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_FROM, "Optional from address. If empty, global default will be
   used.", null, null, null, false, 1, null);
 this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_TO, "Comma-delimited list of any combination of e-mail
   addresses, " +
 "Enable user logins, or Enable Group names.", null, null, null, true, 1, null);
 this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_CC, "Comma-delimited list of optional CC e-mail address. If
   empty, global default will be used.", null, null, null, false, 1, null);
 this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_SUBJECT, "Subject line for e-mail", null, null, null, true,
   1, null);
 this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_BODY, "Body text for e-mail", null, null, null, true, 1,
 this.addInputParameter(EMAIL_ATTACHMENT, "Fully-qualified path to file to be attached to
   the e-mail message", null, null, null, false, 1, null);
public void setOutputParameters() {
 this.addOutputParameter(EMAIL_SEND_STATUS, "Results of e-mail send operation (SUCCESS or
 this.addOutputParameter(EMAIL_SEND_MESSAGE, "Detailed error message if email.send.status
   is FAIL");
public boolean processWorkItem(Work work, HashMap inputProperties, HashMap
   outputParameters, StringBuffer errors) {
 // Retrive properties
 this.logDebug(CHANNEL_SEND_EMAIL_BIC, "Inside processWorkItem.");
 String emailFrom = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_FROM, null);
 String emailTo = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_TO, null);
 String emailCc = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_CC, null);
 String emailSubject = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_SUBJECT, null);
 String emailBody = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_BODY, null);
 String emailAttachment = this.getParameter(inputProperties, EMAIL_ATTACHMENT, null);
 logDebug(CHANNEL_SEND_EMAIL_BIC, "emailFrom=" + emailFrom + " emailTo=" + emailTo + "
   emailCc=" + emailCc + 
 " emailSubject=" + emailSubject + " emailBody=" + emailBody + " emailAttachment=" +
 if (EmailUtil.saveEmail(emailFrom, emailTo, emailCc, emailSubject, emailBody,
   emailAttachment)) {
 // Email successfully sent
 outputParameters.put( EMAIL_SEND_STATUS, "SUCCESS");
 } else {
 outputParameters.put(EMAIL_SEND_STATUS, "FAIL");
 outputParameters.put(EMAIL_SEND_MESSAGE, "Failed to send e-mail");
 return true;