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When a new Callout BIC class is created and registered, it shares the same thread pool as all other Callout BIC classes that are only registered. The Design Console will also show the double-green gear icon for each of the different registered classes. To provide the Callout BIC with its own thread pool and/or to provide a unique icon for the activity in Design Console, a Standalone Callout BIC for the class needs to be created by performing the following steps:

  1. Copy the Standalone Callout BIC Template folder from the Services Framework deployment to a temporary directory.
  2. Open a PowerShell window.
  3. Change the current directory to the copied Standalone Callout BIC Template folder.
  4. Enter the command:

    For example:

  5. Enter the name of the BIC as it is to appear in the Design Console:
  6. Enter the name of the package for the BIC:
  7. Enter the name for the BIC Class. This class can be defined in a separate JAR file or it can be added to the Standalone Callout BIC package so the BIC is self-contained. All of the Services Framework Standalone Callout BICs reside in the Services.jar file. This allows the processing code for the Callout BICs to be deployed/updated in a single file but also sets up a dependency to the Services.jar file:
  8. Enter the source directory path where the files for the BIC class will be placed. This should include all of the package fields except the last one as the final part of the path: