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In order to insulate “production-ready” data from updates that may be incomplete or invalid, EnterWorks supports the creation of separate Staging and Production versions of the data. When this functionality is used, each repository has a staging and a production version.

  • Staging – A staging repository is the work area where records are updated by users. A record’s updates will stay in the staging area until there are no severe validation errors on the record. The record(s) can then be promoted to production which takes the changes that were done to staging and applies them to the production record(s). If the record is new, it will be added to production. Promotion of data to production can be done either automatically or manually.

  • Production – approved data for generating publications or creating/scheduling exports for syndications.

The following diagram shows the data flow between the EnterWorks Staging and Production repositories as well as to external entities:

Promotion can be controlled by requiring records to be approved in staging before being promoted to Production. Some repositories may be configured to not require an approval and some users may have the authority to bypass an approval. In most cases, records will be automatically promoted to Production if they do not contain severe validation errors.

Data that is added or updated in repositories not configured for Staging-Production will be “production-ready” when the records are saved.