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Workflow Properties are used to tailor the EnterWorks Workflow functionality according to enterprise requirements. The following screen shows the Workflow Properties screen which is accessed via the Repository 🡪 Edit menu.

To access the Workflow Properties window:

  1. Log into the EnterWorks Classic UI.

  1. Open the Content tab, the repository’s folder, select the repository’s name, select Edit, and select Workflow Properties.

  2. The Workflow Properties window will appear.

The configuration options on the Workflow Properties window are:

  • Workflow Enabled – When checked, the repository has the ability to link to an EPX Process Flow.

  • Synchronous Submission – Synchronous Submission will be checked by default. When checked, the user interface will wait for the submission to process before rendering. Normally, when a submission is large or requires time to interface with other systems, this option will not be checked so that the submission is asynchronous, meaning the user interface will not have to wait for a submission to complete in order to render.

  • Process Name, Starting Point, and Work Item Name are the default work item configurations when a work item is automated.

    • Process Name – EnterWorks PIM uses the Process Name value to locate the EPX Process Name so that it knows where to send a work item.

    • Starting Point – EnterWorks PIM uses the Starting Point value to locate the starting point for an EPX process flow.

    • Work Item Name – EnterWorks PIM uses the Work Item Name to give a default name to an automated work item.

  • Default Submitting EPX User – EnterWorks PIM will login to EPX as the specified user when an automated work item is submitted.

  • Submit Multiple Selected Records as a Single Work Item – When this option is checked, multiple records can be submitted as a single work item/multi-record work item to an EPX process flow. When this option is unchecked, multiple records will be submitted as individual work items.

  • Lock Record from Edit – When this option is checked, any record that is part of a work item is locked for all users, except for certain user roles when the work item is at an activity for that role.

  • Custom Condition Class – Allows EnterWorks PIM Workflow to callout to customized JAVA class(es) that define customer specific processes.

  • Validate After Any Update – Works in conjunction with Attributes to Update and only executes for a new submission. Upon submission of a work item, all attributes within Attributes to Update will be updated with the specified value.

  • Attributes to Update – Provides a list of attributes within a repository’s Profile and provides the ability to specify a value that an attribute will utilize upon an update.

  • Workflow Properties to Submit – This option only applies to a single record work item. It allows an administrator to associate properties with a work item and gives the administrator the ability to specify either literal values or dynamic values retrieved from a repository’s profile.