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To manage workflow you must install and use the JAVA thick client “EPX Design Console”. From the Design console, you can monitor workflow activities, add or modify workflow activities.

  1. Log onto APP server or a client box that has EPX Design Console installed.

  1. Open EPX Design Console.

  2. Expand the tree and log on using an administrative account.

  3. Open the Process Flow Monitor by opening the Process Modeling folder, opening the Process Flows folder, right-clicking on a workflow, and selecting Monitor.

  1. Click the Play A picture containing screenshot Description automatically generated icon to view a count of all work items at each activity.

  2. Click the Monitor One Work Item icon to select an individual work item to monitor. After selecting, click the Play A picture containing screenshot Description automatically generated icon to track the flow of the work item.

  1. The work item flow will highlight the path the work item has taken. A green icon indicates the current location of the work item. A red icon indicates an error at that activity.

  1. If an activity has error, expand the navigation menu to find the activity under the corresponding flow or sub-flow.

  2. Right-click on the activity and select Work Items.

  1. Double-click the work item from the list.

  2. Click on the Error tab. Review the error. Once resolved, click on the Clear Error button.