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Record Security filter controls access to row data in a repository. The filters are created based on the profile definition and assigned to repository security to users and groups.

  1. Log into EnterWorks Classic as an Administrator.

  1. Open the Feature bar, open the Security Filters folder and select Record Security Filters. The list of existing record security filters will appear.

  1. Select the item security filter record to edit and double-click the record or select Edit from the Action drop-down menu.

  2. The Record Security Filter page will appear.

  1. Add filter conditions by pressing the add button. A list of available attributes will be displayed.

  1. Select the desired attribute, then click OK to exit the list and return to the Record Security Feature Details screen.

  1. Select a Search Type (Contains or Exact Match) and enter the Search Value.

  2. If more than one search condition is defined, select the "OR" or "AND" operation radio button.

  3. Click the Save button.

  4. To assign the Record Filter to a Group:

    1. Open the Users and Group feature.

    2. Open the Group function.

    3. Select the Group record the Attribute Security Filter applies to.

    4. Select the Security option from the Action drop-down menu. The Security editor will appear.

    5. Click the Hide All link on the top right of the screen to close all the category details.

  1. Navigate to the Repositories section and open it by clicking the + plus sign.

  2. Navigate to the repository needing the record security filter applied for the group.

  3. Select the Record Security Filter in the Record Attribute Filter column.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the list and click the Save button.

  1. The same method can be used to assign a Record Security Filter to a User (starting with a User instead of a Group), but it is recommended as best practice to use a group (even if there is only one person in the group).