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The scripts for stopping and starting EnterWorks services on Windows servers are:

  • Stop Enterworks.cmd

  • Start Enterworks.cmd

They are installed on each server containing non-3rd party components, (EnterWorks Server, EnterWorks New UI, Utilities, and EPX). These scripts will call the appropriate component Stop and Start scripts to stop and start the services running on that server. This may include one or more of the following commands:

  • EPIM Stop.cmd and EPIM Start.cmd: Stop and start the EnterWorks Server services.

  • EPX Stop.cmd and EPX Start.cmd: Stop and start the EPX services.

  • Microservices Stop.cmd and Microservices Start.cmd: Stop and start the EnterWorks microservices.

The component scripts will only stop and start the corresponding services that have been configured on the server. Some components may be installed on more than one server. For example, the EPIM Stop.cmd and EPIM Start.cmd scripts on one server might stop and start the EnterWorks Tomcat and JBoss Controller processes, while the same scripts on another server might stop and start the JBoss Worker processes.

The Start Enterworks.cmd and Stop Enterworks.cmd command scripts on each server are located in:

<install directory>\Enterworks\bin

When you run any start or stop scripts, run them as Administrator.

It is important to stop and start services in the correct order, depending on your system’s configuration. See the configuration-specific documentation provided to you by your EnterWorks account representative for more information regarding the stop and start orders for services.

In general, the proper order for stopping the EnterWorks components is:

  1. EPX

  2. EnterWorks microservices

  3. EPIM

The proper order for starting the components is:

  1. EPIM

  2. EnterWorks microservices

  3. EPX

Typically, when EnterWorks is running on Windows, 3rd party applications (such as Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB) are not restarted. If they are restarted, all EnterWorks components on all servers must also be restarted.

Every time the EnterWorks services are started using the <XXX> Start.cmd scripts, system log files are moved to an archive folder whose name is comprised of the current year, date, and time. The archive folders are stored in:


For instance:


might hold the following folders:

  • DAMReportUtility

  • EnableServer

  • EPX

  • MonitorDAMDrop

  • RegenerateDAMVariant

which would contain logfiles for those components of EnterWorks.

Periodically, older archive directories should be removed to prevent the archives from becoming large enough to impact EnterWorks system’s efficiency.