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To define a user group’s dashboard in the EnterWorks New UI, you must first use the EnterWorks Classic UI to create the user group’s EnterWorks New UI dashboard and save it. You do not have to configure it completely, but you do need to create it and save it. Then you need to log into the EnterWorks New UI and configure the dashboard there.

To do so:

  1. Log into the EnterWorks Classic UI as a user with administrative privileges.

  2. In the Feature bar, open the Users and Groups folder and select Groups.

  1. Select the User Group that needs a default home page defined.

  2. Open the Action dropdown and select Edit User Portal Home Page. (The Edit Home Page action edits the EnterWorks Classic home page; the Edit User Portal Home Page action edits the EnterWorks New UI home page.)

  3. The Edit Group Home Config editor will open.

  1. If you’d like, set up (or edit) the report widgets for the user group. This can also be done later, in the EnterWorks New UI.

  2. Before exiting, make sure to click the Save icon , even if you did not set up any widgets.

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