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The Package Promotion repository defines the promotion packages for EnterWorks. It has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
Display Attributes List of attributes to display when referencing a record in this repository (instead of primary key)
ID Unique identifier for each Package element.
Package Dependent If yes, this indicates that a record in this repository can only be promoted if the entire package containing this record is valid.
Package Level Level for package. The top level is 1.
Package Name Name of the promotion package.
Parent Link Relationship Name Name of the link relationship associating this repository with its parent. This is blank if this is the top level.
Promote Warnings Records having only Warning validation errors will be promoted for this repository if Yes.
Promotion Attribute Comma-delimited list of attributes to be updated in each package record from the values of the corresponding work item properties (defined in Promotion Property).
Promotion Configuration Name Name of promotion configuration if the repository is to be promoted as part of the package promotion processing. This name must match a promotion configuration in the configuration file.
Promotion Property Comma-delimited list of work item properties to be used to update the corresponding attributes (defined in Promotion Attribute) for each record in the package.
Repository Name Name of the repository.
Status Only process if Active. Inactive records will prevent children repositories from being processed.
Update Package Errors Update the Package Errors attribute in the root repository if Yes. The Package Errors attribute must be defined and have a Validation Rule specifying the attribute must be empty.