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To add a language to EnterWorks:

  1. Create the eMessage files for Tomcat and Wildfly. Each language supported by EnterWorks has two language files titled:

  • eMessages_<language-extension>.properties

  • eMessages_<language-extension>

where <language-extension> is the language extension code. For example, the eMessages files for Italian are named:

  • eMessages_it_properties


Copies of these two files are located in every folder where there is a file.

Create new eMessage files for the new language:

  1. Follow the instructions in Export the Data Model Objects or Message Files to export a language that EnterWorks already supports. In the field Selecting Other Sub-Systems, select Messages.

Exporting the .csv message files will create a file with a name in the format:


  1. Rename the exported Messages .csv file by replacing <language-extension> with the language extension code for the new language. The extension code you use must be the same as the extension code the language will use in the Language List, see Edit a Language in the Language List.

  1. Import the translated Messages .csv file. The instructions for importing the translated Messages .csv file include instructions to copy the two new eMessage files to every folder that contains a file.

  1. Create a language .json file for the microservices. Messages used by the microservices are contained in a .json file named:


where <language-extension> is the language extension code. The <language-extension>.json files are located in the folder:


To create a new <language-extension>.json file:

  1. Copy an existing <language-extension>.json and rename the new file by replacing <language-extension> with the same language extension code you used for the Messages .csv file.

  2. Edit the new <language-extension>.json file and translate the message strings into the new language.

  3. Save the new <language-extension>.json file.

  1. Restart EnterWorks services.

  2. Clear the cache.

  3. Rebuild the snapshot tables for all repositories that have multi-language snapshot table support.