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Metadata properties can be added or changed from a repository’s Hierarchy tab. It is necessary that the "codeSet_metadata" type repository is already set up and attached to the Hierarchy.

  • Profile name (suggested): <name>HierarchyProperties

  • Profile type: CODE_SET_METADATA

  • Metadata repository name (suggested): <name>HierarchyProperties

To add a Hierarchy node or change an existing node’s metadata:

  1. On the Feature bar, open the folder of the desired repository, click the arrow to the right of the desired repository’s name, and select Open.

  2. Click on the Hierarchy tab, (located between Search and Saved Sets tabs).

  3. Select the desired Hierarchy from the Choose Hierarchy dropdown.

  4. Drill down to the desired node and select it.

  5. Click the pencil icon at the top of the Hierarchy tab.

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  1. The Hierarchy page pops up.

  2. To add a node, select the desired parent node and click the Add button. A new node will appear in the node editor.

  3. To edit a node’s metadata, double click the desired node. The node will appear in the node editor.

  4. The node editor shows the contents of the node’s <name>HierarchyProperties record.

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  1. Edit the nodes metadata and click Save.

  2. Open up the <name>HierarchyProperties repository to verify.