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When dealing with a large number of Digital Assets to import, the basic import process could be lengthy. Another option called Bulk Uploading is available within EnterWorks and utilizes an automatic upload folder located on the EnterWorks Web Server.

The upload directory is defined in the SourceFolder property in the DamConfig repository. To access this value, open the DamConfig repository as shown below.

The first record shows the Source Folder’s path on the server.

To import multiple digital assets:

  1. Stage the files to be uploaded in a local directory.

  2. To automatically assign the files to nodes in a DamHierarchy, define a directory structure that mirrors the DamHierarchy structure and place the files in the appropriate folder. Files placed in the upload directory will be uploaded without setting or changing the DamHierarchy assignments. New nodes will be created in the DamHierarchy structure if the directory structure does not match it exactly. For example, if a file is uploaded into a directory <drop_folder>\Furniture\Office\Desks, the DamHierarchy setting for the assets being loaded will be set to the Furniture.Office.Desks node.

  1. Log into the server and follow the source path to the Mass Upload folder (or access the upload folder if it has been configured as a shared directory on the network).

  2. Copy the local files (including the directories) into the upload folder. The folder is checked every 15 seconds (which is configurable by the System Administrator) for new items, and when they are found they are automatically uploaded. Results of the upload processing can be viewed in the log file for the Asset Monitor process.