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The Scheduled Import Jobs repository contains records representing the currently active or recently completed scheduled import jobs. When an import is initiated, the details for that import are copied from the Scheduled Imports Repository to a new record in the Scheduled Import Jobs Repository. This record is subsequently updated to reflect the current status of the import.

In addition to the attributes define in the Scheduled Imports Repository, the Scheduled Import Jobs repository also has the attributes listed in the table below.

Attribute Description

# Created

The total number of records created

# Deleted

The total number of records deleted

# Errors

The total number of errors encountered during the import processing.

# Processed

The total number of records processed

# Updated

The total number of existing records that were updated

Import Errors

Lists the details for the cause of the import to fail (when the Import Status is Error).

Import Job

Unique number for the import job.

Import Status

Status of current or last import. Possible values include:

  • Aborted – the import has been aborted by a user.

  • New – the import is new.

  • Processing – the import file is being processed. While in this state, no additional import can be initiated for this import record.

  • Completed – import processing has completed successfully.

  • Error – the import failed. The Import Status must be changed to New or Completed for it to be processed again (if scheduled).

Job Log File

Name of the Scheduled Import job log file, for example: Import_<job>.log.

Last Submitted By

Login ID of last user who submitted a file for this target.

System Log Directory

Contains the directory for where the EnterWorks import logs are created.

System Log File

Name of the EnterWorks import log file.