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Perform the following steps to migrate the EnterWorks data model components from one EnterWorks server to another.

NOTE: Before performing these steps, be sure there is a backup of the target EnterWorks database in case migration failures necessitate restoring the database from the backup.

  1. Log in to the source EnterWorks server (for example, QA) as a system administrator.

  1. Click on the Migration option on the feature bar and select Migrate Out function. The Migrate Objects Out page appears.

  1. Enter the name for the Migration file in the Zip and Specification file name fields. The actual file name will include a time-based number to ensure uniqueness.

  2. Optionally select an existing Migration Specification file. This will pre-select the objects to be migrated.

  3. Click Next. The Select Objects to Migrate page appears.

  1. To collapse all the dropdown menus, click Hide All. To expand all dropdown menus, click Show All. To expand or collapse a dropdown menu, click the + or icons to the left of the dropdown name.

  2. Scroll down the list of data model components and select the items you would like to migrate by checking the checkbox to the right of the item’s name. Click Check or Uncheck to select or unselect all the items in a dropdown.

  3. When you have finished selecting the components to migrate, scroll to the bottom of the list and click Migrate.

  4. Check the Job Monitor to see the progress of the migration. You may need to refresh the Job Monitor tab.

  5. Repeatedly click Refresh to monitor the progress of the migration, until the Status shows Completed.

  6. Two migration files will have been created in


They are:

  • <your-file-name>.zip

  • <your-file-name>.msf: This is the migration specification file.

  1. To download the log file for the migrate out procedure, in the Job Monitor, click the job’s Download Log File icon .