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To migrate in data model components:

  1. Copy your migration .zip and .msf files from the folder:


folder on the source system (for example, QA) to the same location on the target system (for example, PROD).

  1. Log into the target EnterWorks server (for instance, PROD) as a user who belongs to the System group.

  2. Click on the Migration option on the feature bar and select Migrate In function. The Migrate Objects In page appears.

  3. Select the .zip and .msf files and click Next. The Select Objects to Migrate page will appear.

  4. The Select Objects to Migrate In page contains a list of dropdowns, one for each type of component that can be migrated. All dropdowns will be expanded and all objects that can be migrated in will be pre-selected.

  5. To select all available components, click the Overwrite All Check link.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Migrate.

  7. Check the Job Monitor to see the progress of the migration. You may need to refresh the Job Monitor tab.

  8. If you have imported Groups, select the Users and Groups Feature and select the Groups function. The list of groups will appear.

  9. For each group, perform the following:

    1. Click the checkbox next to the group record, open the Action dropdown, and select Security. The security page for the group will appear.

    2. Click the Hide All link on the top right and open the Code Sets table.

    3. Click the Check link under the Read column to ensure all code sets are readable by the group.

    4. Click Save. The changes to security are saved.

  10. To download the log file for the migrate out procedure, in the Job Monitor, click the job’s Download Log File icon . Open the migration log file and check for errors. If the errors are substantial and cannot be quickly remedied, abort the migration attempt by restoring the target EnterWorks database from the backup.