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Warning: Depending on the number of records being processed, snapshot table jobs can take a significant amount of time to run and they can impact system performance. It is recommended that you run snapshot table jobs during non-business hours.

You can perform the following actions on a repository’s snapshot table:

  • Full snapshot population: This is also called “rebuilding” a snapshot table. Rebuilding a repository’s snapshot table repopulates the entire table. EnterWorks will clear any existing records from the snapshot table, then for each record in the repository, write the values of the attributes included in the snapshot table to the snapshot table.

  • Full snapshot population and drop the snapshot table: This is also called “dropping” the snapshot table. If you drop the snapshot table, the table will be entirely recreated, then EnterWorks will retrieve the values of all the attributes in the snapshot table for all the records in the repository, and store them in the new snapshot table.

  • Populate missing records: If there are any records in the repository that have not been added to the snapshot table, EnterWorks will add those records to the snapshot table. This is particularly useful if a snapshot job has been interrupted or aborted and not all records were added to the snapshot table.

To trigger a job to perform one of these actions:

  1. Log into EnterWorks Classic as a user assigned to an Administrator group.

  1. Select Repositories from the Quick Links dropdown list on the top right of the screen; or from the Feature bar, select Model, then select Repositories.

  2. A window will open and all the repository folders will be displayed. Open the folder containing the desired repository, and select the repository.

  3. Open the Utilities dropdown list, open Job, and select Snapshot.

  4. The Snapshot Job window will appear. Select the desired options.

  • Full Snapshot Population: This will rebuild the repository’s snapshot table.

    • Drop Snapshot Table: You can only select this if you have already selected Full Snapshot Population. This will cause the snapshot table to be recreated before it is populated.

  • Populate Missing Records: This will retrieve the attribute values for any records missing from the snapshot table and store those values in the snapshot table.

  1. When you have finished making your selections, select Populate Snapshot.