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EnterWorks supports multi-language attributes, which may have a value for each language EnterWorks has been configured to support. If a repository has multi-language attributes, and those attributes are defined as relational, and the repository has been configured to create multi-language snapshot tables, a multi-language snapshot table will be created for each language other than the default language.

Enabling or disabling multi-language support for a repository’s snapshot table requires rebuilding the snapshot table. Rebuilding snapshot tables should be done after work hours to prevent users from accessing the tables while they are being rebuilt.

Warning: Configuring an attribute to be multi-language or not multi-language does not cause snapshot tables to be rebuilt. Enabling or disabling multi-language support for a snapshot table does not cause the snapshot tables to be rebuilt. When you enable or disable multi-language properties for an attribute, profile, or snapshot table, you must rebuild the snapshot tables to ensure the data in the snapshot table is current.

To enable or disable multi-language support for a snapshot table:

  1. Log into EnterWorks Classic as a user assigned to the Administrator group.

  1. Select Repositories from the Quick Links dropdown list on the top right of the screen, or from the Feature bar, open the Model tab, and select Repositories. The Repository list will open.

  2. From the Repository list, single-click to select the repository that contains the attribute(s) to add to the snapshot table.

  3. From the Action drop-down menu, select Edit, then select Attribute Properties. The profile Properties editor will open.

  4. Set the Snapshot Language Support setting:

  • Checked: multi-language snapshot tables will be used.

  • Unchecked: multi-language snapshot tables will not be used.

  1. Save and exit the Properties editor.

  2. When you are finished making all the changes you want to make to the profile, rebuild the snapshot table.