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If the auto-generated sequence attribute is the primary key, a validation error will be shown if the value is not unique. This could indicate a need to reset the starting sequence value for the repository. Perform the following steps to adjust the next sequence for a repository.

  1. Log into EnterWorks Classic as a user assigned to the Administrator group.

  2. Find the highest currently used sequence value:

    1. Open the repository.

    2. If the sequence attribute is not listed in default preference view, select a user preference that contains the auto-generated attribute (or the “No Preference” option that contains all fields).

  1. Single-click on the table header column for the sequence attribute. First time will sort ascending, second time will sort descending. Note the highest value for this attribute will appear as the first or last item.

  1. Select Repositories from the Quick Links dropdown list on the top right of the screen, or you can open the Feature bar, open the Model folder, and select Repositories.

  2. From the Repository list, select the repository record that contains the auto-generated sequence attribute.

  3. In the Action dropdown menu, select Edit, then select Properties.

  4. If the repository has an auto-generated sequence attribute the Auto Generate Sequence checkbox will be selected.

  1. Click the Manage button next to Sequence drop-down list to change the next sequence number to use, which is the field above the checkbox.

  1. Change the Starting Sequence Number to the next number you want the system to use for the auto-generated field. (Set the Starting Sequence Number to number greater than the value retrieved in step 2.)

  2. Click the Save button and a confirmation widow will be shown.