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To perform a market analysis, enter a market code (CMA, MTA, or BTA) and (optionally) select a channel block. MobileMarketAnalyzer returns complete license and frequency (PCS only) information from the database according to the parameters entered.

To perform a market analysis using MobileMarketAnalyzer:

  1. Click Tools > MobileMarketAnalyzer > Analyze Market , or click the Analyze Market button to open the Analyze Market dialog:
    Figure 1. MobileMarketAnalyzer Analyze Market dialog

  2. Enter complete CMA, MTA, or BTA market code in the Market Code field. If the first three characters of the market code are CMA, data will be selected from the Cellular database; if they are MTA or BTA, data will be selected from the PCS database.
  3. Optional: Enter a channel block in the Channel Block field. If this field is left blank, MobileMarketAnalyzer will return information for all channel blocks.
  4. Use the check boxes in the Select Matching section to specify the types of data to be retrieved define and how they should be displayed. Each data type is described in more detail in Market code and channel block data types .
    1. Selecting the Browse check box causes the data to be shown in a new browser window.
    2. Selecting the Show checkbox causes the data to be displayed in a map window.
      1. Use the Border Style button to set the appearance of the map region’s borders.
      2. Use the Fill Style button to select the appearance of the map’s fill.
  5. Check the New Mapper checkbox to display results in a new map window. If this box is left unchecked, results will be displayed in the most recently used map window.
  6. Click OK .

The Analyze Market dialog can be cleared at any time by clicking the Reset button.

Browser windows are displayed in the following order:

  • License data
  • Frequency data.

Map layers are drawn in the following order:

  • License data (bottom)
  • Frequency data (top)

Note: Because MobileMarketAnalyzer queries the MobileMarketInfo database, tables created by this analysis are not automatically saved. If any of the tables on which the query is based are closed, the query will also close.