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Categorized styling is used to visualize the map session based on a specific attribute value. The components of the categorized styling are -

  1. Attribute - You can choose the attribute from the dataset which determines how the session layer is visualized. Every distinct value is assigned a color for its representation.

  2. Zoom Extent - This section determines the zoom limits to which can be extended for the map session layer.

    Note: The session layer does not display if the zoom level is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum value of the zoom extent.
  3. Label Feature - Labels can be added into the session layer by switching the toggle and selecting the attribute to be used as a label.

    For more information on this, see Fixed Styling.

  4. Add Condition - It provides a list of all distinct values for the selected attribute. Once you save the selection, Fill and Label sections appear where you can implement styling tools for the selected attribute in the layer. A list of all the attributes values on which the criteria are applied are displayed with the assigned color and value. You can also modify or delete the applied styling conditions.

    Note: This component is not visible when attribute is selected as ‘None.’
  5. Symbol or Icon - For Polygon geometry, they are classified into two types: hollow and solid. The hollow symbol only displays the outlines for the selected layer. Meanwhile, the solid symbol styles both the fill and border for the selected layer.

    For Polyline geometry, there are three self-explanatory symbols: Solid, Dash, and Dotted under the 'Line Style' section.

    For Point geometry, there is Icon component under the 'Icon' section that allows you to select an icon for the point features.

    Note: When the hollow symbol is selected, the fill styling option is disabled.
  6. Fallback Value - This component determines the styling of the map layer for the default zoom extent provided. There are two sections under this - Fill or Line Style or Icon and Labels.

    • Fill or Line Style or Icon - This section is named as Fill for Polygon geometry, Line Style for Polyline geometry and Icon for Point geometry. You can apply map styling options such as fill Color, Width, Border, Opacity, and Border Opacity for the selected layer.

    • Labels - You can apply text styling options such as Color, Font, Transform, Spacing, Opacity, and Alignment for the selected layer.

Fall back zoom and zoom range can by styled by clicking on the Edit icon on far right. Values for each styling option can be modified as required. After clicking Update button, changes are implemented on the selected layer.