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After you have completed creating and customizing your map session layers, you can export your map session by selecting Print Map option from the Dashboard Menu.

You can preview and change the appearance of the exported map session using the panel on the right which contains nine components that can be customized based on your requirements. The changes are reflected automatically on the left panel.

The customization components are:

  • Legend - To export the map session layer, you must select the required layers in the legend section. This can be achieved by selecting the appropriate layer and clicking the right arrow. When a layer is added to the legend, it displays on the left panel, along with all previous revisions.
Fastpath: In the case there are multiple layers, double arrows can be used to move the layers between the list and the legend.
  • Legend Title - You can modify the initial name of the legend. Even when numerous levels are present, only one name can be specified.
  • Map Title – You can change the first title that is displayed on the map export. Additionally, alignment of text can also be modified.
  • North Arrow – You can choose between various north arrow symbols.
  • Scale Bar – You can choose between various representations of scales.
  • Logo - You can upload a logo image in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, and JPG to be included in the output.
Note: The minimum dimension of the image is 1024x1024 px.
  • Paper Size - You can select an appropriate page size for the export.
  • Orientation - You can select portrait or landscape orientation for the exported map session.
    Note: The default orientation is landscape.
  • Resolution - You can set the quality of their exported map session to 300dpi or 600dpi.

Once the changes are final, you can either print the map session layer or export it. Both options initialize the export and lead to a new screen which presents the map session layer with three icons on the right.

  1. Print - Redirects to the default print option on your system and prints the existing map session layer.
  2. Export - Click export, then you can select the export file type such as PNG, JPEG or PDF. After selecting your choice, click Export to download the file.
  3. Clear – Removes all customizations implemented on the map layer for export.