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Map Session in the MapReveal™ software equivalent to a project or workspace of a desktop GIS project. You are directed to this default page, after logging in. You can build a new map session by clicking Create New Session button at the top of the screen. The icon next to it represents Bookmark option that redirects to all the saved bookmarks created in an individual session.

This screen also provides a catalog to view all the map sessions that you have created, with different Grid layouts such as List View, Grid View, and Extra-Large View. To navigate through the list of Map Sessions, you can use the Sort functionality which allows the map sessions to be sorted based on different criteria such as the Created Date, Modified Date, alphabetical sorting using Name (A-Z)/ Name (Z-A) and further filter the sessions based on their Publish Status. The Search Bar enables you to search for a specific map session.

If you are using MapReveal™ software for the first time, this page is blank and map sessions will be displayed once you create them.

For more information on how to create a session, see Creating Your Map Session.

For each map session created in your account or shared with you, information like created by, created date, last modified date, access mode (Private or Public), number of layers, and the status of publish is available. The map session can also be shared with other users created by the admin.

Note: All the users including admin shall be under the same organization.

The vertical ellipsis on the right side provides a list of action items such as:

  1. Duplicate - This option allows you to create a copy of the map session that retains all of the layers and styles from the original map session. This can be renamed and it will appear in the map sessions list.
  2. Delete - This option allows you to delete the map session along with the layers, the layer styles, and the bookmarks created within the session.
  3. Assign to Project - This option redirects to a page where you can assign the map session to a project which can be used for data collection.