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These tools are in the bottom right corner of the working area. This menu has various components that can be used to navigate across the interface as well as implement minor operations.

  1. Logs - You can view a list of pending requests for data processing.
  2. Data Filters - This tool allows you to filter data using data query or spatial query options.
    • Data Query - This option redirects to the Query Builder. You can create a query by using attributes and operations to get the desired output.

      For more information, see Data Query.

    • Spatial Query - This option filters data through two options; Select by Location and Select by Graphics.

      For more information, see Spatial Query.

  3. Swipe - This tool allows you to easily view and interact with the overlapping layers in a map session by dragging the mouse in the horizontal or vertical direction. First, you must select a layer to implement this tool. Click on the swipe tool pointer on the map session to switch between these two orientations.

    The tool also provides an option to determine the opacity of the selected layer. It can be accessed in the map control menu as an extension of the swipe tool.

  4. Previous Extent - You can apply the previous zoom level.
  5. Next Extent - You can apply the next zoom level.
  6. Identify - You can view a brief report of all records from the selected area of interest.
  7. Pan - You can navigate across the working area or the map screen.
  8. Zoom In - You can increase the intensity of detail on the area of interest by zooming into the map layer.
  9. Zoom Out - You can decrease the intensity of detail but increases holistic view of the area of interest by zooming out of the map layer.
  10. Measure - It consists of two options to measure distances.
    • Distance between two points – You can calculate distance between two selected points in Kilometers or Meters.
    • Area between multiple points – You can calculate the area in Square Kilometers or Square Meters that is enclosed by the polygon that is created after selecting a number of points.
  11. Overview - You can adjust the zoom level of the selected layer to render it visible depending on the size of your screen.
  12. Fullscreen - You can view map session into full screen mode.
  13. Clear Selection - You can remove all implemented operations on the session layer.