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Roles such as analysts and surveyors can be added from the 'User' module to a certain limit based on your subscription plan. On the dashboard, click the User module at the top right and a list of created users will appear. If you have not created any users, this page will be blank.

When you click Add new user, you are prompted to enter field user's Name, Email, and Role. In addition, two privileges are offered as toggle buttons that can be selected from the drop-down list based on the user's role.


  • Analyst – An Analyst can be granted either Feature & Attribute Editing or Data Approval permissions, or both. An Analyst with the Feature & Attribute Editing permission can edit collected data from the map session. An Analyst with Data Approval permission can approve, reject, or send the collected data for Resurvey. An analyst can only access the web interface of the MapReveal™ software.

  • Surveyor – A Surveyor can use the mobile application to create, modify, or delete geometry, and can also add or modify forms. A surveyor can only access data collection module of the MapReveal™ software.

After all the information has been saved, a new user is created with the status set as 'Pending'. An invitation with a verification link is sent to the user's email that you provided.
Note: The verification link expires in two hours, as indicated in the email.
To verify their account on the MapReveal™ software, the user should click on Setup Account button in the email they received from the support team. They are directed to MapReveal™ software web page in their default web browser. On this page, they must enter username, email, password and reCAPTCHA.
Note: Password must contain (10-20) letters including a capital letter and a special character (*, /, @, #, etc.)
A confirmation message appears on the screen after users click Submit, and the status is updated to 'Verified' after successful verification.
  • It is recommended to create Surveyors for data collection purposes.

  • Creating an analyst is not mandatory, but as the Admin, you have the choice to use either or both the permissions.

Bulk Upload Users

You can create a large number of users by uploading a CSV or XLS file from the Upload Users button. A sample CSV with formatting can be downloaded from the pop-up window for reference.

Note: The size limit to upload a CSV or XLS file is 2 MB.