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Your MapMarker Dashboard displays after you sign in. This page is your starting point for beginning your geocoding job. If you have run previous jobs, the dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your batch jobs and includes filtering options, batch job information and status. The dashboard will also show your current plan's usage as described in the following section.

Geocode Usage Information

The usage bar provides a quick view of how much, in terms of percentage, of your plan you have used.

Usage bar
Note: If you have created multiple sub accounts, the usage bar will display the combined usage of all the accounts running under the plan.
To see usage details, either:
  • Hover over the bar and the tool-tip will show the number of geocodes that have been successfully processed and the number of geocodes remaining in your plan, or
  • View the text displayed above and to the right of the bar, which includes the number of geocodes successfully processed, the maximum number of geocodes in your plan, and the date range of your plan's usage.
If your usage exceeds the available geocodes in the current billing cycle and overage is not supported in your plan, then you will not be able to process more geocodes. In that case, it is recommended to either upgrade your plan or get it touch with MapMarker support. For more information about subscription plans, see Billing and Plans.

Filtering Options

Filtering options allow you to modify your dashboard view by:
  • Title of the geocoded output file — Use the textbox to enter in the search terms. The dashboard displays the matched results.
  • UserThis column displays for Admin only. — Use the textbox to enter the user name. The dashboard displays the records and jobs submitted by the user.
  • Status — Use the drop-down menu to filter the jobs by File Uploaded, Geocoding, Success, or Failed. The dashboard displays the jobs associated with your selected status.

Records and Batch Job Information and Status

Each row of the MapMarker Dashboard displays information about a batch job, as described in the following tables.

Job Information

Column Header Description
Title The output file name, if available; otherwise, the input file name.
Format The output file format, if available; otherwise, the input file format.
Input File The input file name.
Date The job submit date.
User This column displays for Subscription Admin and Admins only. The user who entered the job.

Records Information

The Records column shows the status of the upload file operation.

Records Description
Pending Indicates the input address record file is in process either in the File Uploaded or Geocoding status, as indicated in the Status column.
Status Bar image When the geocoding job has completed, the bar indicator provides a quick status of the number of address records that passed and/or failed.

To view the record status, hover over the bar. The pop-up shows the number of records that have a success and/or failed status, and the total number of records processed.

Job Status

The Status column displays the job status. The Actions column provides the available actions based on the status of your job. To refresh the Status click Refresh icon.

Status Description Actions
File Uploaded Indicates the input address record file has been uploaded. To configure and continue the process, click Configure Job icon..
Geocoding Indicates the geocoding job is in process.  
Success Indicates the geocoding job completed successfully. To view the geocoding details, click View geocoding details icon..

To download the geocoded results file, click Download File icon..

Failed Indicates the geocoding job did not complete due to an error condition. To view the geocoding details, click .

To configure and retry the geocoding job, click Configure Job icon..