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What are the available plans?

MapMarker provides a Tree Trial, Pay as you go 5K, and Enterprise plans. See Plans for more details.

What happens if the available geocodes are exhausted?

If the available geocodes are exhausted, you can continue performing only if you are on a paid plan and overages are allowed. You will be charged $0.01 per geocode in the Pay as you go 5k plan. Note that any overages that occur on the last day of monthly billing cycle will appear in next month's invoice.

Is a bill/invoice provided for the payment?

Yes, you can receive the detailed invoice for a month in the Billing & Plans section.

When does the monthly billing cycle begin?

The monthly billing cycle begins from the date of purchase of the plan.

What happens if the allotted geocodes per month are not utilized?

If you have not used all available geocodes for the month, the remaining geocodes expire.

Is it possible to upgrade to another plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from a free plan to Pay as you go 5K. Visit the Billing & Plans page to upgrade the existing plan.

How can I fulfill my monthly requirements that exceed allotted monthly geocodes?

The paid plans support overages. You can perform more than 5K geocodes charged at $0.01 per geocode for Pay as you go 5K plan.

How can I fulfill my monthly requirements that exceed 100 geocodes? (say 200,500,1000, or even more)?

The paid plans support overages. You can perform more than 100 geocodes charged at $0.5 per geocode for the monthly plan and $0.45 for the annual plan.

What should I do, if I accidentally sign up for MapMarker API instead of

Please contact us to cancel the subscription and get the refund. Also, use to sign up for a paid plan for MapMarker.

I am not able to purchase a paid plan on despite having a Precisely account?

In case you have a Precisely account, please use the Sign In link at the top right of and after successful addition of MapMarker product and login, please upgrade to paid account from Billing & Plans page.

Why doesn't the geocode counter reset on the first of the month?

The geocode counter is reset every month on the day, the sign up was done. For example, if a customer signs up on 5th of a month, subsequently the counter will reset on 5th of every month.