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The repair process fails using the .msi file when the Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) is turned on. Depending on the installation conditions the repair stops with the following error message:

You have MapInfo Pro running, please close it and run setup again.

To work around this issue, do one of the following three things:

  • Shut off the UAC (User Account Control), this requires System Administrative privileges, reboot the machine, and rerun the repair.
  • Run the original setup.exe file and then run the repair from maintenance mode.
  • Run the installed copy of the MapInfo Pro 2023 .msi file as an administrator. Go to C:\Windows\Installer and search for the MapInfo Pro 2023 .msi file. It will have a name similar to 8e95f1.msi, where the name is different for each machine. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and find the cmd.exe file. Right click this file and select Run as Administrator (this may require an administrator password). Run the command C:\Windows\Installer\nameofMiPro2023.msi and select Repair from maintenance mode.