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MapInfo Pro Release Notes
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  • BatchMIF- Use this tool to
    • Import Multiple MIF\MID files in a batch.
    • Save them as Native\NativeX files.
    • Map each after import or close them after import.
  • Save Table with New BlockSize- Convert Tables to use the new Map File block size for optimization in 64-bit or use in 3rd-party libraries. (For example, MITAB, cannot read map files in block sizes other than 512).
  • MGRS<->XY Converter- Use this tool to
    • Convert Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) <-> XY in any Earth Coordinate system.
    • Update XY or MGRS columns.
    • Create points from MGRS coordinate strings.
    • Basic MGRS <-> XY conversion calculator.
  • USNG<->XY Converter- Use this tool to
    • Convert US National Grid (USNG) <-> XY in any Earth Coordinate system.
    • Update XY or USNG columns.
    • Create points from USNG coordinate strings.
    • Basic USNG <-> XY conversion calculator.
  • FindUSNG- Find the location on a map using the USNG coordinate string.
  • FindMGRS- Find the location on a map using the MGRS coordinate string.
  • RasterSeam- Build a seamless raster table from a folder of images (For example, with .geotiff or world files).
  • PublicFunctions- Add a series of custom MapBasic functions for use in
    • MapInfo Pro
      • Update Column
      • SQL
      • SQL Select
      • Expression dialogs
    • MapBasic window
      • Ceiling
      • InstrRev
      • Repeat$
      • Replace$
      • StripLeft$
      • StripRight$
      • Trim$
      • DateTimeMidPoint
      • DayNumToLetter
      • DaysInMonth
      • EventLength
      • IsDate
      • IsLeapYear
      • TemporalOverlap
      • TemporalOverlapInterval.