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A 3D or three-dimensional map represents a physical or virtual space with height, depth, and width information. Unlike traditional 2D maps that depict geographical features and locations using only latitude and longitude coordinates, a 3D map offers a multidimensional view of the world. It provides a valuable tool for understanding and navigating complex environments. It gives a more realistic depiction of the environment and helps you to understand the topography, terrain, and spatial relationships within a given area.

Using the 3D support in MapInfo Pro, you can:

  • Visualize your vector and raster data in a new 3D window inside MapInfo Pro using OpenGL rendering.
  • Terrain use case
    1. Raster Terrain 3D model sourced from any MI Raster-supported Format.
    2. Terrain Model from Elevation encoded imagery or tiles.
    3. Drape Surface (Imagery or Tiles) over a 3D model.
  • Add Vector tables onto a 3D window.
  • Extrude vector tables – get elevation from attributes or nodes.
  • Access your local tables or data from cloud and tile servers.