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The 3D tab contains commands for visualizing your vector and raster data in a new 3D window inside MapInfo Pro using the OpenGL rendering. The 3D tab is available on the ribbon unless it is minimized.

Map Group

Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
New 3D Map Ctrl+Shift+3 Create a 3D Map window with an elevation source and layers on top.
Layers > Map Layers F10 Add layers from a Map to a 3D Map.
Layers > 3D Shapes   Add a point layer using a 3D shape for its symbol.
Layers > Terrain Layer   Add terrain (elevation layer) from an elevation source to a 3D Map.

Elevation Group

Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
Sources F11 Add, edit or remove Elevation sources like Raster images with elevation or tiled elevation images.

Tools Group

Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
Layer Control   Toggle (show/hide) the 3D Layers control panel.

View Group

Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
Full View   Set view to the map's full extents.
Top View   Change the camera view to look down at the center of the map by setting bearing and pitch to 0 (zero).
Center   Set center of the map to the centroid of the first selected object.
Center/Zoom   Set center and zoom of the 3D map to match the bounds of the last regular map window.

Output Group

Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
Export Image   Export the current map view to a bitmap file.
Copy Image   Copy the current view image to the clipboard.