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What is the purpose of New 3D Map?

Create a 3D Map window with an elevation source and layers on top.

When is New 3D Map active?

This command is always active.

How do I access New 3D Map?

On the 3D tab, in the Map group, click New 3D Map.


In the New 3D Map dialog, you specify how your new 3D map should look.


Enter a name for the new 3D map. By default, it will display the name of the frontmost map window and add 3D to the name of the map. It will also ensure that the name of the new 3D map doesn’t already exist.


By default, the path of the current workspace is used. If you don’t have a current workspace, it will use your preferred folder for tables. You can use the Browse button to select a different folder to use. At this location, the cached files for your vector layer will get created in a subfolder.

View Type

Select the View Type for your 3D map. For details, see View Types.


Select which elevation source you want to use, if any. You won’t necessarily need an elevation source to create a 3D map. It depends on what you are trying to visualize.

To use an elevation source, select it from the Source in the Elevation group. You can also use the Elevation Source button to the right of the Source list to open the Elevation Sources dialog and create a new elevation source.

If you have selected an elevation source, you can also choose a Surface to drape on top of the elevation source. This will often be a tile server layer open in your map window.

Add Layers From

Select Add Layers From to select additional layers from your current map window. If you choose this option, the Add Map Layers dialog is displayed when you click OK.