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What is the purpose of Map Layers?

Add layers from a Map to a 3D Map.

When is Map Layers active?

This command is always active.

How do I access Map Layers?

On the 3D tab, in the Map group, click Layers and then click Map Layers.


From the Add Layers from Map dialog, you can select one or more layers to add to your new or existing 3D map.

Note: You can only add layers that exist in an open map window.


Select the map window you want to add layers from. If you have an active map window, this active map window will be the default map.


Use the Filter option to determine which layers you want to see in the layer list below. You can filter by
  • Layer types (Vector, Raster, or Tiles)
  • Object types in the layer
  • 2D or 3D layer, or both.

In the layers list, select the layer(s) you want to add to your 3D map. By default, the layers already existing in the 3D map will be unselected in the list of layers.

Select or remove all layers using the Check/Uncheck All option at the bottom.

Once you have selected the layer(s) to add, click OK to add the layer(s) to your 3D map. If the OK button is disabled, make sure that you have selected at least one layer from the list.